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Marvin Green

Teacher and coach of 43 Entomology State Championships since 1962, a run of 27 consecutive championships to 2008! An impressive legacy for Marvin Green and Oak Hill Entomology teams through the years. The dynamics of a winning dynasty often produce those factors that can work against you with changing eligibility and contest requirements that, at times, seem designed to “level the playing field”. In each case, Green coached teams responded to the new challenge and asserted their proven tradition of success.

When Marvin Green signed up for an introductory course in entomology at Purdue University in the spring of 1950, little did he know it would become a defining moment for himself and others; under his influence as teacher and coach. At the time, he remembers his insect knowledge as being not much greater than being able to distinguish a butterfly from a grasshopper. He recalls that his interest led him to take another course in entomology at Purdue before he graduated in 1953. When he became vocational agriculture teacher at Converse High School in 1954, the idea of having an entomology team first began to materialize. After taking time to earn his masters degree at the University of Michigan in 1959, it wasn't until 1962 when Kenny Malott and Jeff Feller became the first Oak Hill team to win the state championship and initiate a dynasty.

For Marvin Green's own thoughts on this award winning program at Oak Hill and team members through the years, read on.

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