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The Converse Utility office located at 210 N Jefferson Street, handles accounts for utility service.

PH: 765.395.3459


An deposit is required to begin service at your residence or business. This deposit is refundable after 2 years providing you have maintained a good credit history during this period. You may have the deposit applied to your account at that time or it will be refunded to you. FINAL BILLING: If your deposit is applied to your final bill, any remaining amount will be refunded to you. If no balance is owed on your account, the deposit will be refunded to you.

Deposit amounts are as follows:

Residential $150.00
Business $250.00
Multi unit business $1,000.00



The utility bill that you will receive from the Town of Converse will include water, sewage, storm water and trash pick-up services. Meters are read towards the end of the month and you will receive your bill at the beginning of the following month. Payments are due by the 25th of the month. There is a drop-box located in the Town Hall entryway for your convenience and is available for use 24 hours a day.



Trash pick-up is on Thursday. The trucks will begin the pick-up at approximately 6:00 am. There is a weekly limit of 5 bags per household with the exception on the last Thursday of the month. On the last Thursday of the month, larger items can be picked up such as furniture, appliances, tools, etc. NO TOXIC MATERIALS WILL BE PICKED UP. Appliances with freon will be picked up ONLY after the Freon has been removed and the appliance has been tagged stating the freon has been removed by an authorized agent. Building materials such as lumber, dry wall, etc., will not be picked up. The trash service also will NOT pick up yard waste bagged and placed with the regular trash.



A recycling container is issued to each household.



A program is in place in our computer system which allows for summer sprinkling of lawns, washing of cars, filling pools, etc. This water does not go to the sewer treatment plant and therefore, the customer is not charged sewage on this water usage. The computer keeps track of and averages normal winter (Jan-April of the current year) usage. During the summer months, the computer takes off sewage charges above your winter average. Summer Sprinkling runs from May 1st thru August 31st usage.

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