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CONVERSE: Location, Support and Development for Business Growth

There is really no perfect formula for business, commercial, and economic growth; however there are essentials that cannot be overlooked.  The appeal of Converse cannot be underestimated when you consider the essentials:

LOCATION.  Converse is uniquely positioned as a hub between four counties:  Miami, Wabash, Grant, and Howard.  Now add the intersection of State Roads 19 and 18, and you have a daily traffic count that is many times over the population of Converse, 1,100.  Location does not ensure success but it does guarantee potential.

SUPPORT.  For more than 20 years, the mission of the Converse Economic Development Corporation hasbeen to support existing economic activity, and to attract new business and industry to the Converse area.  First established by the Town Council, the Converse EDC is committed to the belief that the Converse community should shape its own future, look to its own resources, and that some of our best ideas and innovation for business growth come from within our community.  Some notable past achievements of the Converse EDC have been the establishment of Jefferson Park Common, the pursuit and development of the Drook Medical Center, and the ongoing Façade Grant program.  The façade grant program is a matching grant that is designed for shopkeepers to upgrade or restore store fronts visible from Jefferson St. The EDC is in alliance with the Miami County Economic Development Authority and the Grant County Growth Council.

DEVELOPMENT.  The Converse Redevelopment Commission, empowered by the state of Indiana, oversees the Converse TIF District.   Unique for a small town and indicative of the vision the town of Converse has had through the years, the CRC has realized and seen a sizable capital investment in real property the past nine years.  Tax Increment Financing provides for infrastructure development in the TIF area from new construction and equipment.  New construction at the Big Dipper, First Farmers Bank and Trust (second expansion), Dollar General, equipment at Arete Prime Products and improvements at the former Graham Facility have created revenues for upgrading infrastructure.  It is best described as a Win-Win for businesses in this district, and neighborhoods adjacent to it, as well as the town of Converse as new jobs have been created in the process.

ATMOSPHERE.  Generally, businesses in Converse that market beyond the community feel they can “grow” a business in Converse without all the distractions.  There is a definite Converse Advantage in this respect as this is also a value area for housing, the work ethic prevails, and accessibility to metro areas is within 1-2 hours.   Converse is a proud member of the Oak Hill Community which has an outstanding legacy of scholastic and athletic achievement.

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