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The commission was established in the mid-1980's and was incorporated in 1992. Current members include Steve Reiff, president; Fred McCracken, vice-president; Joe Whitesel, treasurer; and Joe Lenon, secretary and town board liason.

Converse economic development:

  • Encourages local initiative and growth.
  • Seeks to cater to the needs of existing businesses.
  • Fosters aggressive economic activity with a small town touch. For example:

It is no secret that First Farmers Bank and Trust is one of the fastest growing banks in Indiana and a regional leader, or that rapidly growing Prime Products Inc. was one of the first companies in the area to be certified QS9000; a certification that carries a quality standard for global recognition.

Restaurant activity in Converse, again, sets a standard. Taste and a small town touch obviously go far in attracting customers for everything from ice cream to pizza to steak and beyond. On any given night a simple check of the abundance of out of town license plates reveals the popularity of Converse eateries.

In an age of globalization, Converse is a refreshing change. It starts with an attitude that a necessary way of doing business begins with people and ideas, whether that involves training a trotter on the all-weather fairgrounds track, producing a precision part for a global company, providing financial services, or serving meals with a small town touch. The work ethic never died in Converse. It's quite obvious we try a little harder. Location and a sense of place provide Converse with yet another dimension and perspective that few towns and cities can provide. Hubs create activity simply by being. Converse is the geographical hub of 4 Indiana counties, and the statement, "The sum of the parts is greater than the whole," is true geographically, if not geometrically for Converse. From the railroad era to the age of the internet, Converse continues to enjoy its unique sense of place which has fostered innovation and growth throughout its economic history.

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Indiana Association of Cities and Towns
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